About The House

Eggington_HouseEggington House is the Manor House of the Village of Eggington in Central Bedfordshire. It was built in 1696 and, as a listed grade II* building, is regarded as a very fine example of late 17th century domestic architecture. At the time of its construction it was completely up to date and innovative in its design.

It was built for a Huguenot from Montauban in France, a Merchant Tailor called John Renouille who became Sheriff of Bedfordshire. In 1900 it was inhabited by a family called Hodgson who frequently entertained Sylvia Pankhurst who famously campaigned for female suffrage. During WWI the house was requisitioned by the army and used as a convalescence home for injured soldiers.

From 1950-1976 it was the home of Sir Gilbert Inglefield the 1967 Lord Mayor of London and his family. It then became the residence of Lord Slynn and his wife. Today the House remains in private ownership.

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